2012 Achievements


            Congratulations to the following Dogs



Congratulations to Jaylia and she owner Sandy White for Gaining Jaylia's CDX title as Jaylia is know known as

Auldbrig Touch Of Tiger CDX

well done Sandy and Jaylia





 Auldbrig Tigerbythetail CD RA JD GD SPD (Zulu) has attended some obedience trials and has a new CD (Companion Dog) Title. Zulu is owned loved and trained by Dennis & Dagmar Neal. Well done!







Grand Ch Auldbrig Hellofaplacetob HT at Dogfest in Hobart was awarded Best of Breed and Runner up to Best in Working Group Congratulations to Selina & Craig Jones and of course Toby





 Congratulations to Selina & Craig Jones who have won Dog Challange & Runner to Best of Breed with Toby

(Grand Ch Auldbrig Hellofaplacetobe HT) at Hobart Royal Show    





Auldbrig Tigerbythetail CCD RA JD GD SPD owned by Dennis & Dagnar Neal also has a new RA (Rallyo Advanced) title keep up the good work Dennis , Dagmar and of course Zulu.



 Glenloy Pipeeta CD RA ET owned by Julie Hurt  now has a RA

(Rallo Advanced) Title great work Julie and Pipeeta.






 AG CH Glenloy Blue Comet CDX RA ADO ADM JDO JDM GDM SDM SPDM has a new title added to her name. The new title is CDX and that stands for Companion Dog Excellence.

Lola is owned loved and trained by Dennis & Dagmar Neal.





Glenloy Tigers Tapestry CD RE JD DWDF N  ET has the new title of RE that has been added to her name Jordie's latest title is for

Rallyo Excellence.

Jordie's owners Darryl and Judy Turley

are pleased with their little princess.





 A big thanks to Ronna Stewart with (Presto) also known as Int/Am Gr Ch Auldbrig Believe Inmagic. For winning

Best Stud Dog 2012 at the Sierra Nevada (USA) Border Collie Club    We are very proud of Presto's achievements in America & thank Ronna very much for the love & care she has given Presto.






Congratulations to Maghera Kennels (Karen Monk & Elain Saxon) in winning Best Intermediate in Show at the Border Collie Club of NSW with Glenloy Long N Winding Road (Miles) it is very rare for Blue Merles to be shown let alone to win





O CH DWDF CH HTM CH Glenloy Bonnie Baillie UDX RA ADO ADM JDO JDM GDX SPDX ET  Baillie's new title is a RA (Rallo Advanced)

well done Baillie is trained loved and owned by Judy & Darryl Turley




AG CH Glenloy Blue Comet CD RA ADO ADM JDO JDM GDM SDM SPDM also has been out and about and has a new

RA title (Rallo Advanced) Dagmar & Dennis Neal are working hard to achieve great results with Lola








 Glenoy Panther CDX RN JD SPD SD also has been busy he also has a new RN title (Rallo Novice) Piper is the pride and joy of Caroline Veness well done Piper and Caroline




Glenloy Pipeeta CD RN ET has just added a ET

title (Endurance Test) to her name Pipeeta is owned loved and trained by Julie Hurt keep up the good work both Julie & Pipeeta




AG. CH. Glenloy Blue Comet CD. RN. ADO. ADM. JDO. JDM. GDM. SDM. SPDM.has gained another title to her credit she how has a SPDM added to her name. Lola is owned and trained by Dennis & Dagmar Neal.





Jordie owned by Darryl & Judy Turley has another

new title ET now  she is known as Glenloy Tigers Tapestry

CD RA JD DWDF N ET way to go Jordie

also at the Spring Fair  weekend Darryl Turley was

prestented with a

Distinguished Service Award from Dogs NSW 

Congratulations Darryl







AG.CH.Glenloy Blue Comet CD. RN. ADO.ADM. JDO. JDM. SPDX. GDM. SDM. known as Lola she is more that just a show girl Lola now has another title to add to her collection of titles and that is RN title. Lola is owned, loved and trained by Dennis and Dagmar Neal.  








Glenloy Tigers Tapestry CD RA JD DWDF.N. also known as Jordie has 2 new titles they are CD and DWDF.N. well done to Jordie and her owners Daryl and Judy Turley










 Auldbrig Tigerbythetail CCD RN JD GD SPD on one weekend has 2 new title to his name they are CCD and RN great work Zulu and his owners Dennis and Dagmar Neal



 Glenloy Pipeeta CD RN now has gained her CD title well done

Pipeeta and of course her owner Julie Hurt.





Glenloy Panther CDX JD SPD SD now has a new title SD

well done both Piper and his owner Caroline Veness



Glenloy Tigers Tapertry CCD RA JD DWDF S now as the RA title added to her name

great job Jordie along with her owners Daryl & Judy Turley





  Caroline Veness and her dog Glenloy Panther  CDX JD SPD have gained SPD Title good on you both Caroline and Piper



Susan Bradbury with GLENLOY FLINDERS RIDGE RN CD and

Julie Hurt with GLENLOY PIPEETA RN CCD have  both attained


 Well done both Susan with Hoot & Julie with Pipetta





Judy Turley & Baillie had another successful visit to Sydney Royal, coming home with second place in Open.



Recently Baillie also received his Heel Work to Music Championship & Novice Rally-O Title.





 Jordie has a new title now added to her name she is now

known as Glenloy Tigers Tapestry DWDF.S. R.N. C.C.D. J.D.

Jordie is owned loved and trained by Daryl & Judy Turley








  Aust. Grand Ch Glenloy Hellofaplacetobe has won the

Tasmanian Border Collie Dog of the Year for 2011 and that makes it the 3rd year in a row well done to Toby and his owners

Craig & Salena Jones




 Lola also known as AG CH Glenloy Blue Comet CD ADM ADO GDM JDM JDO SPDX SDM

has now attained her SDM title well done Lola

and of course her owners Dennis & Dagmar Neal





 Well done Glenloy Panther CDX JD (Piper) as his new title is

CDX title.

Piper is owned and trained by Caroline Veness 




Congratulations to Auldbrig Hellofaplacetob (Toby) on his

Grand Championship Title gained 2nd January 2012

proudly owned and loved by Craig & Salena  Jones of Tasmainia

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