2015 Achievements

Congratulations. to the following Dogs

Glenloy Play With Th Devil is now known as Glenloy Play With the Devil CCD this is his first titl one of many we hope. Jack is owned by Denise Reynolds. On the way to his title Jack won some first places and he already has a pass in CD. Great work Jack and Denise.




Jordie has now gained her ADX title Congratulations to both of her people Darryl & Judy Turley and of course Jordie......great work Jordie Glenloy Tigers Tapestry CDX UD RAE2 ADX JDX GD SPD SD DWDF.N. HTM.1. ET




This Breeders Certificate arrived yesterday, Congratulations to Jordie for her new title HTM I (Heel Work to Music Intermediate). Jordie is owned loved and trained by Judy & Darryl Turley. Jordie is now known as Glenloy Tigers Tapestry CDX. UD. RAE2. AD. JDX. GD. Spd. DWDF.N. HTM.I.ET




I have had this Breeders Certificate for a few weeks now but have been a little slack in writing this for new RN title that Adam Tjanavaras and his dog Flash. Congratulations to Adam & Flash well done. Flash is now known as Neut. Ch. Glenloy Jumping Jack Flash CCD. RN. AD. JDX. SD. GD. SPD.





In the post last week we received a breeders certificate for a Rally Advanced Title from Maureen Pacey from the Northern Territory for her dog Taboo. Taboo's official name is now Glenloy Truly Taboo CCD. RA. Well done Maureen and Taboo it is always great to hear how the puppies that we have bred are progressing and what they are achieving





Over seperate consective weekends Neut. Ch. Glenloy Jumping Jack Flash CCD. AD. JDX. SD. GD.SPD. (Flash) gained the following two Titles to add to his name

JDX and SPD.

Great work Adam and Flash.

Flash is owned loved and trained by Adam Tjanavaras.





Jordie (Glenloy Tigers Tapestry CDX UD RAE2 AD JDX GD SPD SWSF N HTM N ET)  now has a UD title that has been added to her name. Darryl is very pleased that his little princess and her new title.       Jordie is loved, trained & owned by Judy and Darryl Turley.  Great work Judy, Darryl and Jordie

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