2017 Achievements


Congratulations to the following dogs.




  • Huge Congratulations to Karen Monk and Elain Saxon on Miles Australian Championship Title. Miles is only the second Blue Merle in Australia to have this title. On his way to winning this title Miles has a Reserve Challenge at Brisbane Royal. A National class win, class in show wins at breed speciality show, as well as being consistently placed at these shows. He has also won class in groups prizes at championship shows. Due to Karen's work commitments Miles is only shown occasionally.
  • With his title pending Miles will soon be known as Aust Ch Glenloy Long N Winding Road. Sire: Glenloy Tigers Tail X Dam Aust Ch Glenloy Hellfreezersova.
  • WOW Well done Karen Elain and Miles.

          What an achievement to finish off 2017.









"Jordie" RO.CH. Glenloy Tigers Tapestry CDX. UD. RAE2. RM. ADX. JDM. JDO. GD. SD. SPDX. HTM.I. DWDF.I. ET.has just added the title of SPDX to collection of titles that she has achieved. Well done Jordie and her owners Judy and Darryl Turley





Congratulations to Flash and Adam on Flash's new ADO title. Flash is amassing quirt a few titles as now he is known as Neut.CH. GLENLOY JUMPING JACK FLASH CCD. RN. ADX. ADO. JDX. JDO. JDM. SDX. GDX. SPDX. Well done Adam Tjanavaras and Flash .



WOW another Rally Championship (Jordie) is now RO.CH. Glenloy Tigers Tapestry CDX. UD. RAE2. RM. ADX. JDM. JDO. GD. SPD. SD. HTM.I. DWDF.I. ET. Jordie is a very versatile dog and she is loved, trained and owned by Darryl and Judy Turley.

 It is always great to here how well the dogs that we have bred are going in their different activities that they are entered in.

Well done Judy, Darryl and Jordie.





WOW Congratulations to (Zulu) now to be Known as O.CH. RO. CH Auldbrig TigerbytheTail REA. JD. SPD. GDX.  Zulu now has his Rally Championship title. Zulu is owned trained and loved by Dennis and Dagmar Neal.  Keep up the great work Dennis, Dagmar and Zulu.  



Congratulations to Neut. Ch. Glenloy Jumpimg Jack Flash CCD. RN. ADX JDX. JDO. JDM. SDX. GDX. SPDX. Flash has now gained his JDM title. Flash has proved yet again that he is a lot more than a pretty face. Well done Flash and Adam Tjanavaras.




Congratulations to Lola and Dagma Neal as they have attained a RM Title that has been added to Lola's Name  she is now to be known as

AG CH Glenloy Blue Comet CDX. RM. ADO. ADM. JDO. JDM. GDM. SDM. SPDM.

Lola is proudly owned loved and trained by

Denis and Dagmar Neal




Huge Congratulations to Maghera Kennels (Karen Monk & Elain Saxon) for there Reserve Challenge at Brisbane Royal 2017 with The hansom Blue Merle male ( Miles) Glenloy Long N Winding Road.




Congratulations To Zulu as he is now an Obedience Champion his owners Dennis & Dagmar Neal and Zulu have been working hard to achieve this title. Zulu is now known as

                         O.CH.Auldbrig Tigerbythetail RAE. RM. JD. SPD. GDX.                                                                                                                              

  Great work Dennis, Dagmar and if course Zulu






Congratulations to Adam Tjanavaras and his dog Flash on being awarded SPDX title, so far in Flash's career he has added 15 titles to his name he is now known as Neut. Ch. Glenloy Jumping Jack Flash CCD. RN. ADX. JDX. JDO. SDX. GDX. SPDX.

Great work Adam and Flash




Jordie has been very busy again working hard to achieve and become a RALLY OBEDIENCE CHAMPION that name goes in front of her registered name so now she is to be known as



well done Jordie and a owners and handlers Darryl & Judy Turley.


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